Never Runnin' Alone

from by Honk for Hot Buns!



Just a song about hanging out with your friends back in the day and while everything has changed, some things never seem to change.


How many times did we stay up all night and drink till we thew up,
we got away with everything and some things seemed like nothing when you guys backed me up. We spent our time writing songs from the dusk until the dawn is the microphone on?
we never ever had a clue that we would ever make it through times like this at all.
I never knew that those times would last forever and we'd never be alone, we'll always be brothers who won't turn on each other this blood won't ever turn cold. You guys all I've ever known I can feel inside my bones we'll never have to run alone.
All these times have slipped away and now we're living for today but some things stayed the same, Homer still thinks he's bright and Dave's a walking sound bite we always still forget about Mike, as for me you can't shut me up still dressing like a homeless schmuck and dreaming my life away, lookin back on these times lets me know it's all right and nothings really changed at all.
Ditching cops and Flinstone stops, way too many everclear shots, stealing from the convenience store Randy on 324, driven round the party wagon smokin reefer playing Madden, Aaron and the wooden leg, Brian always tryin to get laid, was one hell of a day.


from Honk for Hot Buns!, released September 10, 2014
Shannon Homer Cochran on the intro and outro



all rights reserved


Honk for Hot Buns! Phoenix, Arizona

I'm just a guy making music for the sake of making music. Oh, and also trying to bring some fun back into the music world!

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