Honk for Hot Buns!

by Honk for Hot Buns!

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This is just a fun album to listen to, no politics and no real message that I'm aware of, just some good, old school music about having fun and drinking beer!

Nothing more, nothing less.


released September 10, 2014

Robert Sorace: All vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards and drum programming
Leslie Sorace: Background vocals on "Lookin' for Me"
Alan Collins: General goofiness
Shannon Homer Cochran: Spoken parts on "Never Runnin' Alone"
Recorded and mixed by Robert Sorace
Mastered by Phillip Hilgaertner



all rights reserved


Honk for Hot Buns! Phoenix, Arizona

I'm just a guy making music for the sake of making music. Oh, and also trying to bring some fun back into the music world!

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Track Name: Never Runnin' Alone
How many times did we stay up all night and drink till we thew up,
we got away with everything and some things seemed like nothing when you guys backed me up. We spent our time writing songs from the dusk until the dawn is the microphone on?
we never ever had a clue that we would ever make it through times like this at all.
I never knew that those times would last forever and we'd never be alone, we'll always be brothers who won't turn on each other this blood won't ever turn cold. You guys all I've ever known I can feel inside my bones we'll never have to run alone.
All these times have slipped away and now we're living for today but some things stayed the same, Homer still thinks he's bright and Dave's a walking sound bite we always still forget about Mike, as for me you can't shut me up still dressing like a homeless schmuck and dreaming my life away, lookin back on these times lets me know it's all right and nothings really changed at all.
Ditching cops and Flinstone stops, way too many everclear shots, stealing from the convenience store Randy on 324, driven round the party wagon smokin reefer playing Madden, Aaron and the wooden leg, Brian always tryin to get laid, was one hell of a day.
Track Name: Dirty
I wish you knew how you're driven me crazy with the little things that you do. I see in your eyes have dirty intentions so don't even say your shy.
I'll give you a clue if you get up on in here I'll make your dreams come true.
Skin slappin skin it's original sin so let the carnage begin CUZ I
Like it when you're talkin dirty I'll be gettin down and dirty Like it when you're talkin dirty
Dirty dirty dirty to you..

Track Name: Lookin' for Me
When I'm lookin back on my life, I can never seem to get it right. Everything was always crashing down, luck was something I never found. I was searchin for piece of mind, it always seemed I'm the last in line.
Just when I thought I was through I woke up next you x2
I can't believe I found you lookin for me, I was a boat that was lost at sea,
I can't believe I found you lookin for me, the weight is gone and I'm finally free
I can't believe I found you lookin for me, the clouds are gone I can finally see
I can't believe I found you lookin for me x2
15 years have come and gone, did you ever think we'd last this long.
I know we've always had our ups and downs, but it seems to make the earth go round. I think I found my place in life, and thanks to you it's feeling alright.

Track Name: Cold Beer and a Radio
All I need is a cold beer and a radio, singing along to my favorite song on the radio. x2
Excuse me senorita I'll pass on the margarita, maybe some other night.
All I really need is a beer and a song and all my problems would die, you can have your mojitos and pina coladas, the alabama slamma's alright.
Just give me an icey cold frosty mug with a little bit of heaven inside!
All I need is a cold beer and a radio, singing along to my favorite song on the radio. x2
Twinklin the ivories with Elton John or Pink Floyd all night long, U2's always playin and Motley Crue is slayin a really sick love song.
I'll Rage Against the Machine or chill with Al Green it doesn't really matter to me. Hetfield screamin or Van Halen's playin, it's all I'll ever need.
Track Name: Must've Been Had to Be
Woke up this morinin' feelin' a little foggy ya know, must've gotten crazy cause I'm naked and I'm not alone. I never thought that this would ever happen to me, I just hopes she stays asleep long enough for me to leave.
Oh my god I think here someone just outside, the door, maybe it's just a roommate a cat the dog maybe a wild bore.
Must've been it had to be my sexy dance last night, must've been it had to be my ninja like fight.
Must've been it had to be my intoxicating inner light, must've been it had to be the turkish delight. X2
I can't believe I'm still here, oh look, I found a beer! Oh my god I think she looks just like the corner store cashier.
Bars on the window I guess I'm not getting out through here, so I grab my pants and keys and make a mad dash to be free!
Track Name: Let it Ride
They look right through you but I still feel you, hearing your words echo inside, echoing inside.
I like the way you always say life is a wave, life is a wave.
Let it ride
Watching your pain makes me insane, your troubles grow deep inside,troubles grow but your spirit still rise.
The spirit still moves you, the wind still blows for you, Nothin can stop you now, nothin can stop you now.